Getting My Cook On, Bitches!

Making a pot roast following the Good Eats recipe. I'll let all y'all know how this hunk of beef turns out. It's actually a big project for me...I don't have a proper oven, so this sort of crap is rare at my house.
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Champions Stuff

Since a friend asked for it, pictures of my Champions Online main, Dixie Dynamo

Dixie Dynamo Front

Dixie Dynamo Booty

Yep, it's pretty much Buzz as an electricity based super heroine. The game is fun, if a bit unpolished. But it's only been out for a month and a half now.
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Okay then... purchased a new exercise bike (Gold's Gym 230R Recumbant in case you were curious.) and putting that fucker together may be a better workout than riding the silly thing. Need to get some batteries for the console and try the bad boy out before I get some sleep. Only three more nights to go before I have some time off.
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